Technopolitans is a electronic music project, born in Barcelona, in 2014.Technopolitans is based on the creation of Diego Tomé (who’s been in different bands like Falling Elephants, The New Beat Generation, and he is the producer of the songs of Felipe Almendros‘ VIP) where he participates as main producer and DJ.

Its sound owes a lot to House and Electro French Music, Daft Punk being the main inspiration, along with other like Justice, Sebastian or Cassius. It also takes resources from EDM and Deep House. Acts like Madeon, Skrillex and Disclosure also have influenced the evolution of sound in Technopolitans.

Technopolitans’ live set is a nonstop musical session. The EP songs are mixed with unpublished transitions and the intensity is much higher than in the individual songs. The drummer is a human spotlight in which the audience can focus their attention and embrace his energy to another level, becoming a much different experience than a normal DJ session.

Some Fun is the first EP of the band. Published on December 2015, was produced byCharly Chicago, and had vocal collaborations of Laura Lloreta and Anna Marquès. Some Fun was presented in several festivals, the most important being Let’s Festival, Embassa’t, VenTú, Districte Park, and more.

Contains Music is the new EP, published recently. Again produced by Charly Chicago, has the vocal collaboration of Alex Guerra (Hola Chica). The sound evolves naturally from the first EP, although the sounds are more powerful and well defined. The electronic music, always a dance music, has different shades and becomes more eclectic. This is easily seen listening to the song Troia, strongly EDM, and Home It’s Like a Knife, with a closer, introspective sound.

We have participated in:

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